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Winter Board Meeting 2017 — Highlights from Scott AFB

Thanks to the great team at Scott Air Force Base who arranged our most recent board meeting on 10-11 February 2017.  Here are a few highlights from our visit and the meeting:

Thanks to Huyser Chapter President Captain Steven Azab and Major Nick Blas for making the arrangements and keeping us on track.

The board members had a chance to meet in a small group with Mr. Felix Losco and Mr. Bryan Martin from AMC/JA. They provided a very helpful explanation of the relationship the Association and AMC have as co-sponsors for the annual convention, symposium and technology exhibition.  Also, on Friday morning the board members had a wide-ranging conversation with a small group of superstar captains who are part of the Phoenix Torch program.  The larger group started the visit on Friday at the Scott Dining Facility where the board members and other A/TA representatives had the chance to eat lunch with Airmen.  Lunch with Airmen is always a highlight for all who attend.

The board members then had a great meeting with Gen Carlton “Dewey” Everhart.  Gen Everhart expressed his enthusiasm and support the Association and let our new Chairman know how excited he is to participate in the 49th annual convention at Orlando.  Then it was on to the Scott event center where the AMC staff briefed the board members.  Mr. Jim Cooper from AMC/A3, Lt Col Aaron Rivers from AMC/A4 and Lt Col Rinehart from AMC/A5/8 provided superb updates on pilot retention, smart C-17 fleet maintenance and KC-46 bed-down.

A/TA Chairman Gen McNabb and President CMSgt Kerver take questions during leadership panel

The Scott community then joined a professional development seminar during which A/TA Chairman Gen Duncan McNabb  (USAF, Ret) and President CMSgt Mike Kerver (USAF, Ret)  fielded questions from the audience.  Following the leadership seminar the group went to a social mixer.  There was great interaction and opportunities for all to get to know each other and offer support for the association.

Thanks to all who joined us and for your support of the Huyser Chapter and A/TA!

“We had a superb board meeting. Thanks to the whole team at Scott for their excellent support”- A/TA Chairman, Gen Duncan McNabb (USAF, Ret)

Saturday was dominated by the business of our board meeting. The association’s chairman, Gen Duncan McNabb, asked Col Johnny Lomontagne the AMC/DA3 to start our meeting with an update from the command.  Following the AMC update Captain Azab gave the board a report on the Huyser Chapter. The board then reviewed ongoing preparation for the 2017 convention in Orlando including a discussion about the convention theme. The board also discussed the results of the 2016 membership drive and some enhancements for the 2017 membership drive.  They then approved the 2017 budget.

A/TA Chairman, Gen McNabb, Huyser Chapter President Capt Azab, A/TA President CMSgt Kerver

Many thanks to all the members of Huyser Chapter and Scott AFB for making the arrangements and enabling a very successful board meeting.

Well done and thanks Huyser Chapter!

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