AMC Industry Briefing Announced

The Air Mobility Command (AMC) and the Airlift Tanker Association (ATA) are hosting an AMC Industry Briefing in conjunction with the annual AMC and A/TA Symposium.  AMC representatives are planning to provide a two-hour briefing with a question and answer session, on Thursday afternoon, 26 October 2017, from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM.


Since A/TA provides a forum for networking, AMC will share their vision with industry to help prepare industry for capabilities the mobility forces may need in the future.  Representatives from AMC A3 (Operations), A4 (Logistics), and A5/8 (Plans and Programs) will provide a briefing and take questions from attendees.  By sharing AMC’s vision with industry A/TA hopes to give you the opportunity to match your strategies with AMC’s vision.


The Industry Briefing is being held in conjunction with the 2017 A/TA – AMC Symposium, scheduled for 26 October to 29 October at the Orlando World Center Marriott.  The Symposium includes other major address speakers, seminar sessions, award ceremonies, receptions, and the Hall of Fame banquet.


The Airlift/Tanker Association is a non-profit, professional association with its membership consisting primarily of U.S. Air Force active duty, reserve, Guard, and retired military personnel, as well as civilian and industrial supporters of the air mobility mission.  A/TA is not a DoD organization and no government endorsement is intended or implied.