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A/TA + Veterati: Easing the Military-to-Civilian Workforce Transition


Check out Veterati:

The Airlift/Tanker Association is always on the lookout for ways to add value to A/TA membership, so we formed an alliance with Veterati.

Veterati is a free resource for Veterans and Military Spouses.  It is a digital platform providing access to mentorship-on-demand from successful professionals across the nation.

Veterati’s mission is to create mentorship conversations and networking opportunities between the 100 million Americans currently employed across America and the 1.5 million transitioning veterans and 5.5 million military spouses wanting to join the civilian workforce.

Veterati: Making the Military-to-Civilian Workforce Transition a Better Experience for Veterans and Military Spouses Through the Transformative Power of Mentorship and Networking.

The transition from the military to the civilian workforce is one that is difficult to understand by most Americans who have never even spoken with a veteran. One veteran describes it as, “…the single most difficult transition, you’re transitioning not from one industry to another, but literally from one culture — one ecosystem — to an entirely different world.”

During these transitions, mentors serve as guides, sharing expertise and networks to triangulate veterans and spouses into careers they may or may not know they’re looking for.

Veterati removes the bottleneck that exists in other mentoring programs by democratizing the mentorship experience.

For mentees — Veterati puts the power in your hands to choose as many mentors as you want, from any industry, from peers all the way to CEOs.

Veterati offers an innovative platform for transitioning veterans to act as mentors as well as mentees.

For mentors — Veterati offers a streamlined mobile technology to eliminate the inconvenience that previously existed with being a mentor, and increases measurable results.

As you look to build and gather the tools you’ll need to successfully transition out of uniform, don’t underestimate the power of a strong network of contacts who can help you gain information, contacts, and insights into careers, companies and opportunities!

A/TA will benefit from this alliance with Veterati – gaining heightened visiblity by being prominently featured as an associate of an innovative networking platform.

Get started — go online to

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