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2018 Air Mobility Command and A/TA Symposium Schedule Highlights

The theme for the 2018 convention is “Heritage-Heroes-Horizons.”    It encompasses our Heritage, our Heroes, and our Future.


Although the schedule is still being finalized, there are 36 seminars and a number of major addresses being planned from Thursday, October 25th through Saturday, October 27th. The 2018 A/TA and AMC Symposium list of invited keynote speakers and distinguished attendees includes the following, plus many others:


  • The Honorable Heather A. Wilson, Secretary, United States Air Force
  • General David L. Goldfein, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff
  • General Stephen R. Lyons, Commander, United States Transportation Command
  • General Select Maryanne Miller, Incoming Commander, Air Mobility Command
  • CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
  • Lieutenant General L. Scott Rice, Director, Air National Guard
  • Lieutenant General David. D. Thompson, Vice Commander, Air Force Space Command
  • Commander,  Air Force Reserve Command


The full schedule, plus specific times and locations for all activities, will be available when finalized. Please monitor the website at for additional details and schedule updates.


The Airlift/Tanker Association is a non-profit, professional association with our membership consisting primarily of U.S. Air Force active duty, Reserve, Guard, and retired military personnel, as well as civilian and industrial supporters of the air mobility mission.  A/TA is not a DoD organization and no government endorsement is intended or implied.