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Proposed 2018 Association By-Law Changes

All Airlift/Tanker Association Members:


In accordance with the Airlift Tanker Association (A/TA) Inc. By-Laws dated 29 October 2015 found on the A/TA home page – (look for the “Association By Laws” link at the bottom of the page) the following five changes will be presented to the general membership for a vote at our annual business meeting scheduled for 25 October 2018.  We ask all our members to review, consider, and send any comments to Col Mike Cassidy (USAF, ret), at using the subject line “ATA By-Law Comment” no later than 15 October 2018.  In addition to the By-Law changes listed below the board considered four more changes.  All had merit but required further consideration or clarification. The board chose to defer these additional proposals to the upcoming year.


The A/TA Board of Officers, Advisors, and a group of committed volunteers work diligently on your behalf to support the Association’s priorities: Supporting Mobility Airmen, Preserving Our Culture, and Strengthening Our Bonds. We believe these proposed By-Law changes will help us improve the way we operate and keep us relevant in our tireless efforts to support you, the members!  Please take a few moments to review these proposals, and we look forward to seeing you at our 50th Anniversary Convention in Grapevine, Texas, 25-28 October 2019.  Thank you again for your membership and commitment to “our” Airlift Tanker Association!


Article Proposed Change
II (Section 5)


The Historian will provide a Report to the Board at the Annual Business Meeting of the Convention
III (Section 1a)

Elected Officers & Responsibilities

Recognizing the important role Chapters play in the success of the Association, Chapter Presidents, or their designated representative, should participate and vote in the Business Meeting, in person or by proxy, in coordination with the Senior Vice President
III (Section 2)

Terms of Office

Change Last Sentence: The Senior Vice-President; the Vice President Programs; the Vice President Industry; Treasurer and Secretary May hold his/her respective office for no longer than three terms or 10-years.  If in the best interest of the Association, or in unique situations, the voting Board reserves the right to extend terms of office as necessary, but by exception only.
V (Section 4 c. 5.)

Programs Committee

The agenda for Business Meeting held at the Annual Convention will be published 30 days prior to meeting and distributed to all Chapter Presidents, with instructions regarding proxy votes
I (Section 4)


Add the following sentence to the end of the current “By-Laws” paragraph: “The By-Laws will be reviewed annually”


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