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2019 Winter Board Meeting MacDill AFB

Thanks to Col Stephen Snelson and his whole team at the 6th Air Mobility Wing. A special thanks to Major Phil Battles, A/TA’s Tony Jannus chapter president, for ensuring the success of our visit and productivity of our board meeting.

Maj Battles had a great team helping him work all the details of our visit they included; 2Lt Heather Parcasio, 6 AMW/LRS; MSgt Bruce Klima, 6 OG/OGV; TSgt Thomas Nightingale, 6 AMXS; TSgt Mitch Howells, 6 OG/OGV.

Without these professionals our meeting would not have happened!

Col Ken Moss joins CMSgt Mike Kerver (ret), Gen Duncan McNabb (ret) & Tony Jannus chapter president Maj Phil Battles

Col Ken Moss, AMC/DA3 and Lt Col Rob Lowe, AMC/CAG joined the seven members of the board, our Board of Advisor Chairman and key members of the A/TA support staff. We began the board meeting on Friday morning, 15 August 2019.  During the initial meeting Col Moss presented an update from AMC, and Maj Battles offered a Tony Jannus chapter update. The board members got down to business covering a range of topics including scholarship support, By-Law revisions, our formal relationship with AMC, and preparations for 2019 convention in Orlando.

Following this opening business session the group met Airman from the 6 AMW for lunch at the dining facility. It is always encouraging and motivating to hear the stories of the Airman and tell them a little about A/TA and our time on Active Duty

Lt Gen Findley (ret) and CMSgt Kerver (ret) enjoy lunch and conversation at DFAC

We then took a bus tour around MacDill. Along the way our hosts briefed us on base activities. We stopped and walked through the renovated alert facility and then saw a unique aspect of MacDill AFB, the Marine Police patrol unit. The only one in the Air Force, the Marine Police Unit secures all the shoreline around MacDill. We finished our base tour with a stop at the Medical Group and specifically the dermatology clinic where we met some incredible doctors and technicians who are using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to help wounded warriors lead normal lives. Really amazing work, imagine Hollywood plastic surgery meets wounded soldiers and airmen, it was inspiring to see the talent and care.

Gen McNabb (ret) and CMSgt Kerver (ret) congratulate MSgt Klima as an Annual 6 AMW Award Nominee

We got off the bus at a maintenance hangar and joined the Wing’s annual award winner celebration and dinner.  Gen McNabb (ret) and CMSgt Kerver (ret) participated by presenting the award-winners their medallions which the association had made a donation to help procure. It was great to meet the winners, the members of their units and their family members who attended.

Board Members join Col Moss and Maj Battles

On Saturday morning we continued the board meeting and a report from each of the officers which included reviewing the last quarter finances of 2018 and approving the 2019 budget. We also discussed the theme for the 2019 convention and have a draft to present to AMC. We reviewed the status of membership, discussed important personnel transition details and also our industry partnerships.  The group evaluated four different proposals presented by Lt Col “Popeye” Fafinski, all of which are intended to improve the value of A/TA to our members and industry. These were all initial proposals and we’ll continue the discussion at the next board meeting.

Saturday afternoon the attendees had a chance for a short trip out on the high-performance Marine patrol boats demonstrating the capabilities of the boats. We also saw the Airmen who serve on these patrol boats and how they professionally perform their duties and extensive responsibilities.

At the end of the day on Saturday the group met at a social event hosted by the Tampa Bay Defense Alliance. Gen McNabb (ret) and CMSgt Kerver (ret) gave a brief description of A/TA and the importance of good relationships with civic leaders, both when they were on active duty in their respective leadership positions and now as A/TA Chairman and President.

In summary, we had a productive board meeting and it was a wonderful opportunity to “strengthen air mobility bonds!”

Well done and thanks MacDill, Tony Jannus chapter and the men and women of the 6th Air Mobility Wing.

Our next board meeting is scheduled to meet at McConnell AFB, Kansas on 10 and 11 May. If you have questions contact the secretary at

2019 Winter board meeting Board members, staff, guests and AMC representatives


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