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A/TA Seeking Media Contributors

The Association is seeking at least six members from all walks of the Air Mobility community to contribute on a consistent basis to the Airlift/Tanker Quarterly, the association’s Web and Facebook sites.

The  Association already has several members contributing to our Facebook Site.

These additional volunteers will create new content and share content from other sources of interest to A/TA and the Air Mobility community. The association is looking for volunteers to include members from the Active Duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserves, Industry, Retirees and our Civic supporters.

The association is in the final stages of selecting a Public Affairs Coordinator, these Media Contributors will work with the Public Affairs Coordinator to meet the overall Public Affairs goals of the association.

Click here to see a summary of the responsibilities and duties of the Media Contributor.

If you are interested in helping the association share the amazing Air Mobility story, or if you have any questions contact the A/TA Secretary, Mike Cassidy, at

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