Hall of Fame Inductee

A/TA Announces 2019 Hall of Fame Inductee – Air Transportation Career Field

The Airlift Tanker Association (A/TA) is proud to announce the Air Transportation Career Field as their 31st Hall of Fame inductee! With an extensive and decorated 70+ year history beginning with the United States Army Air Forces Air Transport Command and now with today’s super ports and contingency support wings, Air Transportation Specialists are the backbone of our nation’s ability to respond to crisis anywhere in the world.
Air Transportation Specialists, also known as “Port Dawgs” have long answered their nation’s call by facilitating the loading of wounded patients and the dignified transfer of human remains. They have loaded distinguished visitors, emergency leave passengers, and have supplied the beans, bullets and bombs in the war on terrorism in addition to supporting rescue operations. These unsung heroes have always found a way to get the mission done and ensure the full utilization of critical air assets. Their rich legacy of service provides our nation with the speed and flexibility necessary to make rapid global mobility a daily reality!
Air Mobility begins and ends on the ground and has long been in the capable hands of these remarkable Airmen. Port Dawgs not only conduct steady-state operations at strategic aerial ports across the globe, they are also a critical contingency response capability. Whether it’s a three man team with a forklift and laptop performing a Joint Inspection in a remote part of the world, or a part of a larger team handling dozens of daily missions supporting a major crisis or humanitarian effort, Port Dawgs ensure every passenger and piece of cargo is properly prepared, manifested, and loaded.
The aerial port community has long been the silent power behind the thunder of air power and is fully deserving of induction into the Hall of Fame. The Air Transportation Career Field will be honored and formally recognized at the A/TA National Convention being held at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, Florida from 23-26 October, 2019.

The A/TA Hall of Fame was established in 1988, as is the highest honor the Association can bestow upon an individual or mission area demonstrating superior or sustained performance in the advancement of air mobility and refueling. As a lasting tribute to their legacy and achievements, a bronze bust depicting the Air Transportation Career Field will be permanently mounted in the Air Mobility Heritage Park located at Scott Air Force Base, IL.