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Update – A/TA Support to Halvorsen Center

Rendering of Halvorsen Education Center and Museum

Great News! A/TA is well on our way to meeting our goal of $30,000 to donate to the Halvorsen Education Center. Since we published the first article less than 2 months ago (see article posted on June 22, 2019) we’ve raised $11,350. We’d like to meet, or better yet break, our $30,000 goal, by October 10. That day is our Hall of Fame recipient Col Gail Halvorsen’s birthday, what a great birthday present for a great American hero and Airman.

To learn more about the Halvorsen Center go to

Please contribute at the following: DONATE A/TA or by mail to A/TA Admin, 7983 Rhodes Farm Way, Chattanooga, TN 37421; designate on the web site or on your check you want to support the Gail Halvorsen Eduction Center. 

Donors will have their name listed, by contributor category, on a plaque prominently displayed entering the Humanitarian Airlift display area. 

Silver Contributors ($1 to $100) — Currently Nineteen Contributors  

Gold Contributors ($101 to $500) — Currently Eleven Contributors

Platinum Contributors ($501 to $1000) — Currently Two Contributors

Diamond Contributors ($1,001 to $3,000) — Currently Two Contributors

‘Double Diamond’ Contributors ($3,001 plus) — Currently Zero Contributors consider being the first in this category!

Your tax-deductible donation to the Halvorsen Center, through A/TA, will provide a dedicated space within the Center to highlight Humanitarian Airlift.

If you have any questions please contact the A/TA Secretary, Mike Cassidy, at

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