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A/TA Logo - Wings of Freedom

The A/TA Wings of Freedom

The Airlift/Tanker Association signature device (logo) is an updated version of the “Eagle and Earth” theme used in the association’s original logo. It incorporates two eagles, the earth and several new elements including the association’s slogan, “America’s Wings of Freedom.”

The Ligature

The ligature or wording on the device consists of a logo of the association’s name “Airlift/Tanker Association” set in Times New Roman Inline and the association’s slogan, “America’s Wings of Freedom,” set in stylized Times New Roman Bold.

The Elements

The primary elements of the device are two American Bald Eagles, an Arch, the Earth and the Association Logo. The eagles, long symbols of American Freedom, represent the two major components in the association name, Airlift and Tanker forces, combined into a single Mobility Force. One eagle carries an olive branch symbolic of the humanitarian, peacetime mission of Airlift/Tanker forces. The other eagle clutches three arrows in his talons, representing the three armed services supported by Airlift/Tanker forces.

The eagles are connected by two elements, an arch and a ribbon. The arch is symbolic of the “Luftbrücke,” or Air-Bridge, created by Airlift, and the “Global Reach” assured by Tankers. The arch bears five stars symbolic of the five commands that American mobility forces have flown as: The U.S. Army Air Corps Ferrying Command, the U.S. Army Air Transport Command, the U.S. Air Force Military Air Transport Service, the U.S. Air Force Military Airlift Command and the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command.

The eagles carry a yellow ribbon, symbolic of the connection of Airlift aircraft and Tanker aircraft during refueling and of mobility’s humanitarian mission. Emblazoned with the association slogan, “America’s Wings of Freedom,” the ribbon crosses the globe, recalling the original association logo slogan “We Circle the Earth,” and represents mobility’s worldwide deployment and international importance, referred to as “Global Reach.” The globe is encircled with a logo of the association’s name, “Airlift/Tanker Association.”

The Colors

The nine colors of the Airlift/Tanker Association’s logo are divided into three categories: Mobility Heritage, Mobility Missions and Mobility Attributes.

Mobility Heritage

Past, Present and Future

Grey: The logo’s surround is grey, symbolic of mobility’s beginnings as a command in the Army Air Corps, and is indicative of the “Wings of Steel” that have become “America’s Wings of Freedom.”

Green: Represents the present, the middle ground between mobility’s fertile past and the promise of a fulfilling future.

Black: Symbolic of the unknown, denotes the unknown future into which mobility forces bravely fly.

Mobility Missions

Military, Humanitarian and Geo-Political

Light Blue: Designates mobility’s primary mission, the rapid deployment of U.S. military forces across the skies of the world.

Yellow: Included to indicate the secondary mobility mission, the timely distribution of humanitarian aid.

Brown: Depicts mobility’s tertiary mission as a geo-politcal instrument helping to accomplish American goals by carrying American ideals from our great land to foreign lands.

Mobility Attributes

Courage, Honor and Duty

Red: Symbolic of the blood shed by mobility forces in the courageous defense of American ideals.

White: Embodies the purity of deed shown by mobility forces through honorable and unselfish loyalty to God and Country.

Royal Blue: Denotes the fidelity mobility forces display through their unwavering allegiance to duty… duty that carries them up into the “Wild Blue Yonder.”



Click the appropriate link below to download either a color or a black and white version of the A/TA logo. All logos are free to use for any A/TA-related purpose.


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