A/TA Young Leadership Program

The Airlift/Tanker Association recognizes the importance of identifying and encouraging future leaders to participate in various association activities.

Value to the Airlift/Tanker Association

Identifies and encourages future leaders to participate within the A/TA. Provides a forum for interchange of ideas and experiences.

Young Leadership Association Support Requirements

Each year, the twelve selected Young Leadership Award Winners form the Young Leader Advisory Committee reporting to the Airlift/Tanker Association Board of Officers. Their term of office will begin upon receipt of the award at the national convention and end when the following year’s award winners are presented. They will elect two committee members (one officer and one enlisted) to serve as primary Young Leader Advisors to the Board. The duties of the Young Leader Advisory Committee and its members include, but are not limited to the following:

Primary Young Leader Advisors

  • Chair meetings of the Young Leader Advisory Committee if required.
  • Communicate regularly with committee members on A/TA activities and solicit feedback for presentation to the A/TA Board.
  • Act as spokesperson for the committee and serve as liaison to the Board of Officers.
  • Attend Association Board meetings as required.
  • Assist the Board with organizational duties at the annual convention.
  • Provide an orderly transition of responsibilities to the new advisors at the A/TA Convention and assist the newly elected advisors in his or her duties.

Committee Members

  • Serve as a focal point for Young Leader activities. Champion efforts and generate new ideas to enhance A/TA activities.
  • Solicit feedback from past/present Young Leadership Award winners and A/TA members on active duty.
  • Become involved in A/TA activities as requested by the Board of Officers.
  • Become involved at the local chapter level by promoting the A/TA, recruiting new members, and participating in chapter activities.
  • Assist the primary Young Leader Advisors and the Board of Officers (as required)
  • Revitalize previous Young Leadership Award recipients by contacting them and renewing their ties to the A/TA.