Convention Dress Code

What Should I Wear?

For non-exhibitors

Wednesday evening, opening reception at 1900: Open Collar, Slacks (Duty Uniform)

Thursday evening Reception: Open collar, sport coat optional (No Uniforms)

Friday night Reception and Banquet: Coat and Tie (Military members may wear Service Dress if they so choose)

During the day, registrants should be in business casual or better. For Military TDY to the Symposium, Utility Uniform/OCPs or Flightsuits or ABUs.

Award winners will receive their awards in Service Dress or business attire/suit for civilians. Key note speakers will also present/brief in Service Dress (or service equivalent). Seminar presenters and briefers will present/brief in UOD

For exhibitors

Exhibitors, including military exhibitors, should wear whatever they feel is appropriate.

Dress Code Definitions

Business Casual


  • Open-collar dress shirt with slacks, sport coat optional
  • Open-collar or polo shirt
  • Shoes and socks (no athletic wear)
  • No jeans


  • Skirt, khakis or pants
  • Open-collar shirt,or sweater
  • Casual-style dress
  • No jeans
  • Sandals/Shoes (no athletic wear or flip flops)

Coat and Tie


  • Sport coat or suit coat
  • Dress shirt with tie
  • Dress slacks
  • Dress shoes and socks


  • Evening attire – dress, or slacks with a dressy top/jacket
  • Dress shoes/Sandals

Business Formal


  • Dark Business Suit
  • Matching Vest (Optional)
  • Dress Shirt and Tie
  • Dress shoes and socks


  • Suit
  • Business-Style dress
  • Dress with a jacket
  • Dress shoes/Sandals