Dress Code

What Should I Wear?

***These are Typical Convention Attire Rules of Engagement***

For non-exhibitors

Thursday Evening, opening reception at 1900: “Business Casual” (no uniforms)
Friday night Reception: “Coat and Tie” (no uniforms)
Saturday night Reception and Banquet: “Business Formal (suit). (Service Dress (not Mess Dress) for TDY Air Force members.)

During the day, registrants should be in business casual or better. For Military TDY to the Symposium, any combination of Blues. If attending in leave status, Blues combination is encouraged.

For A/TA evening functions (other than military exhibitors in the exhibit hall only), please, NO UNIFORMS except at the Banquet!!
NOTE: For CRUD, Flight Suits and/or ABUs are acceptable

For exhibitors

Exhibitors, including military exhibitors, should wear whatever they feel is appropriate.

Dress Code Definition/Help

Business Casual


  • Sport coat or blazer with slacks or khakis
  • Dress shirt with optional tie, or causal button-down shirt
  • Open-collar or polo shirt
  • Loafers or dress shoes and socks (no athletic wear)
  • No jeans


  • Skirt, khakis or pants
  • Open-collar shirt,or sweater
  • Casual-style dress
  • No jeans

Coat and Tie


  • Sport coat or suit coat
  • Dress shirt with tie
  • Dress slacks
  • Dressy leather shoes and socks


  • Evening attire – dress, or slacks with a dressy top/jacket

Business Formal


  • Dark Business Suit
  • Matching Vest (Optional)
  • Dress Shirt and Tie
  • Dressy leather shoes and dark dress socks


  • Suit
  • Business-Style dress
  • Dress with a jacket
  • Heels, low or high