Convention DV’s

The Airlift/Tanker Association members are very fortunate to have strong support from our senior leadership who attend the convention and participate in our symposium events.

To attend the Symposium and Technology Exposition, you must register. The registration fee covers food and beverage expenses, audiovisual support, meeting room rental fees, administrative cost and other fees associated with running a conference. Except for the Banquet on Saturday night and Sunday brunch,all refreshment events take place in the exhibit hall and, therefore, in and among the exhibits. We prefer that all who attend pay the registration fees for the period they have elected to attend. However, the Association would like to further offer non-AMC invited speakers, arriving and departing on the day of their presentation and not remaining overnight, to attend any non-banquet activities on the day of their presentation. Please call Bud or Pam Traynor, (703) 385-2802 to arrange. Please see the Association’s legal opinion/recommendation concerning possible ethical considerations.


See general overview and block diagram. (Members can Log in to get to a link to the previous year’s Schedule for a general idea.) To propose topics, contact Jeff Bigelow.

The format and general timing will be similar to previous years. Not already a member? Please ask for the link to last year’s schedule.


AMC Protocol will be available in a limited capacity. Questions may be directed to Ms Patti Cost, or (618) 229-2555.

DV Accommodations:

AMC Protocol, Patti Cost, will take care of Active/ARC O-9s and above. All other Flag Officers (Retired and Active/ARC O-7s/O-8s) should initially work room requirements with their base POC for rooms. If the base/unit does not have a rooms POC, please contact Miles Wiley.


The full registration fee covers EVERYTHING (except golf and lodging) from Thursday evening through Sunday brunch. We recommend full registration if you are attending more than two events. We keep the cost for everyone extremely low to allow maximum participation. Please see fee overview. For non-mobility-oriented, invited guest speakers, membership in the association is desired, of course, but by no means required to qualify for the member registration rate.

All other guests, attendees, communication specialists, local company executives who “just want to see the exhibit,” children, parents, etc. should expect to “pay to play.” We are non-profit; please understand that our low fees don’t allow for largesse. Contact Bud Traynor, or (703) 385-2802 for further guidance.


The registration instructions are quite lengthy in order to cover all contingencies. Start with the Convention page. It has all the general hotel, etc. information. At the bottom of that page is a link to the instructions page. At the bottom of that page is a link taking you to the registration instructions themselves. Please don’t skip either page; — they should answer all your questions. You should log in with the DV’s FirstName, LastName and Last-4.

When you arrive, Protocol will have registration badges, etc., for Active/ARC 3- and 4-star attendees/equivalents. For all retired DVs and Active/ARC 1- and 2-star attendees/equivalents, there will be a special DV registration desk station where the DV should pick up his or her registration badge and materials.