Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection Program Guide


Nomination Requirements
Timeline for Processing
Nomination Package/Process 
Selection Process
Scoring/Rating Process



The men and women of the United States Air Force and our Mobility Air Forces are trained and ready to deploy anywhere in the world in defense of our country. It is their unselfish sacrifice, untiring efforts and outstanding achievements that have contributed immensely to the establishment, and to the maintenance, of peace in the free world.

Not only are their efforts and achievements attained during times of conflict, but they also occur during acts of natural disaster and humanitarian relief efforts. The balance of power and our freedom has been and will continue to be achieved and built on the “Wings of Freedom.” The Airlift/Tanker Association (A/TA)’s purpose is to recognize and honor those people or mission groups who have distinguished themselves in the outstanding performance above and beyond their duties as members of the United States Air Force and as Airlifters and Airborne Tankers. Therefore, we have established the “Airlift/Tanker Hall of Fame.”

The Airlift/Tanker Association Hall of Fame (HOF) was established in October 1988 to honor those individuals who have demonstrated superior or sustained performance to the advancement of Air Mobility. Upon selection and induction into the A/TA Hall of Fame, a bronze bust of the inductee is placed in the Mobility Memorial Park at Scott Air Force Base, IL.

Upon selections an induction and award ceremony will occur during the next annual A/TA Convention. Note: The nominating chapter, industry leader, advisory board member, or A/TA member submitting the selected individual(s) will be recognized at the annual convention and will be given priority seating at the HOF Banquet. Normally, one inductee is selected into the HOF each year. Under special circumstances, two individuals may be inducted into the Hall of Fame during one calendar year when approved by the selection board.

Nomination Requirements

A. Nominations will be submitted as one of three categories:

  1. Significant Contributions to the Advancement of Air Mobility
  2. Mission Groups Achievement
  3. Single Act of Heroism

B. Administrative Criteria:

  1. No nominee can be on active service with any branch of the government
  2. Retired military nominees are eligible after a period of five years from their official date of retirement
  3. Civilian nominees are eligible
  4. Selection may be posthumous

C. Achievement Related Criteria

  1. A minimum of four years service directly promoting the air mobility mission, (not applicable to single act of heroism)
  2. One or more noteworthy accomplishments
  3. A significant contribution to the advancement of air mobility
  4. Demonstrated superior or sustained performance resulting in a legacy of achievement thus enhancing the air mobility mission, culture, and history

Timeline for Processing


  • A/TA Secretary sends a letter/email to all Airlift/Tanker Association Chapter Presidents and Board of Advisors soliciting nominees for the Airlift/Tanker Hall of Fame.

Dec-Apr 1

  • HOF nominations should be submitted to the A/TA President, CMSgt Michael R. Kerver (Ret.), at 2305 Fourlakes Drive, Belleville, IL 62220.  Any Chapter, Industry Partner, A/TA Board of Advisors or A/TA members at large may submit nominations.

NLT Apr 1

  • A/TA President selects the HOF nomination committee.

Apr 1 – 15

  • A/TA President chairs the HOF nomination committee meeting and forwards packages selected by the nomination committee to the HOF Selection Board (A/TA Board of Officers)

Apr 15 – 30

  • A/TA President coordinates and schedules HOF Selection Board (A/TA Board of Officers). Meeting is facilitated by the A/TA President, Chaired by the A/TA Chairman to select the Airlift/Tanker Hall of Fame inductee(s).
  • A/TA Chairman or President notifies selectee and/or family members.
  • A/TA President coordinates communication with the HOF selectee(s) and the sculptor to obtain photographs and other biographical information to forward to the sculptor.
  • A/TA President notifies video production manager, Heritage Committee Chairman, and A/TQ Editor to prepare convention video, name plaque(s) for the Air Mobility Park display, convention exhibit, and convention A/TQ magazine.


  • HOF Award(s) are coordinated and prepared. A/TA President coordinates HOF inductee and family participation at A/TA Convention including selection of escorts for HOF inductee/family.


  • HOF Award(s) are sent to A/TA convention site for presentation.

Nomination Package/Process

A/TA Chapters, A/TA Board of Advisor members, any current A/TA member, and Industry can submit an A/TA Hall of Fame nomination package. This award identifies and recognizes an outstanding Mobility Air Force (MAF) individual, or group of people whose demonstrated superior or sustained performance has (have) resulted in significant contributions to the air mobility mission.

The following procedures will be used to format and submit A/TA Hall of Fame nominations to ensure package consistency and quality. Anytime during the period between December and 1 April, packages should be mailed to the A/TA President:

CMSgt Michael R. Kerver (Ret.)
5307 Anemone
San Antonio, TX 78253

Each nomination package will consist of an original plus one copy, arranged in the following sequence:

  • Cover Letter signed by the nominating chapter, industry partner, board member, or A/TA member ( maximum of one-page)
  • Biography highlighting the individual’s or group’s career (maximum of two pages)
  • Narrative describing the achievement related criteria (maximum of five pages, including support material)

4. Applicable support material enhancing the nomination package (i.e. newspaper or magazine articles, award citations, photographs, etc.). All support material should be legible, clear, and must add to the nomination!

NOTE: All documentation will be completed on either 8.5×11, plain bond paper or appropriate chapter or company letterhead. Please use 12-pitch Times Roman font and 1” margins. 

Selection Process

The A/TA President is responsible for maintaining the repository of nominees. Previous nominees are eligible and will be reevaluated each year. The A/TA President has the responsibility to convene and chair the HOF Award Nomination Committee meeting not later than 15 April.

The awards nomination committee will be responsible for identifying and recommending nominees for induction into the A/TA Hall of Fame. The awards nomination committee may consist of current A/TA Board Members, A/TA Board of Advisors, A/TA Historian, AMC Historian, the past A/TA Chairman and/or President, A/TA Chapter Officers or other A/TA members as appropriate. The awards nomination committee will evaluate the proposed nominee packages to ensure the nominees meet the administrative and achievement related criteria, rank order eligible packages and forward to the A/TA Awards Selection Board.

ATA Secretary sends notice to all Chapters with information concerning due date and process for submission of HOF package.

ATA President receives packages and convenes board to down select packages.

  • Board of Officers will not serve on the initial board.
  • Board will meet in person at a pre-selected location.

Each nomination package will be numbered and a score sheet, (attachment #) will be place on the cover for each rater. Each rater will rate nominees in order of number and when complete will turn their package in for tabulation.

The A/TA President tabulates scores and records the score from each package on the scoring record form, (attachment #). Upon completion of recording scores the A/TA President notifies the ATA Chairman that the down select is complete.

The A/TA Awards Selection Board will be chaired by the A/TA Chairman and will consist of the elected A/TA Board of Officers. The Board of Officers will select the Airlift Hall of Fame inductee(s) not later than 30 April.

Chairman and President determine if Board of Officers will meet in person to select the nominee or if the selection process will take place by conference call and electronic score sheets.

  • Two packages are forwarded to the Board of Officers for consideration.
  • Exception: any package within 10 points of top score.

President will provide Board of Officers with score sheets, tabulate scores and notify the Chairman of results.

Scoring/Rating Process

Score sheet will be rated from 1-10 on the areas listed on the rating sheet for each nominee. Then the points are tabulated and recorded.

When there is a two point difference between the lowest and highest score this will be reported to the board chair. The board chair will generate open discuss and the high and low raters will justify their rating. If justification is substantial by one rater the other may change their score sheet.

If neither rater is willing to change their scores or cannot provide justification their score will not be included. Instead, all other scores will be total and an average will be calculated. That average will replace the scores of the high and low scores on the final scoring sheet.

Force Specialty/Mission Achievement

  • Leadership and Job Performance
  • Significant Contributions of this Mission to Advancement of Air Mobility
  • Significant Changes to the Air Mobility Mission, Culture, and History
  • Noteworthy Accomplishment (s) and/or Extraordinary Multiple Impact (s)

Significant Contributions to the Advancement of Air Mobility:

  • Leadership and Job Performance
  • Significant Contributions of this Mission to Advancement of Air Mobility
  • Significant Changes to the Air Mobility Mission, Culture, and History
  • Noteworthy Accomplishment (s) and/or Extraordinary Multiple Impact (s)

Single Act of Heroism:

  • Leadership and Job Performance
  • Is this a posthumous award?
  • Were lives saved, number?
  • Decoration presented what level?


  1. Cover Letter
  2. Biography
  3. Narrative: