Industry Interface Day

The Airlift Tanker Association will be hosting an Industry Interface during our annual A/TA convention, 23 – 26 October 2019, at the Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, Florida.

All day Wednesday, 23 October, AMC will provide briefings, sessions with AMC Senior Leaders, and O-6 chaired working groups for A/TA’s Industry Interface; these mediums will be used to discuss and share Air Mobility Command’s Vision for the future.  This year’s AMC focus areas for A/TA’s Industry Interface include:

  • Secure and Effective Battlespace Awareness.  Develop integrated/interoperable situational awareness and mission management capabilities.

  • Defensive Systems.  Develop interoperable kinetic/non-kinetic defensive systems enabling MAF aircraft to survive, integrate, and operate with DOD forces in current and future threat environments.

  • Command and Control.  Securely fuse mission and intelligence data to improve situational awareness with theater air operations centers (AOC) for our 618th AOC/MAF aircrews, enhancing the entire RGM C2 spectrum in support of integrated, multi-domain operations.

  • Secure Global Communications.  In partnership with our AF Airborne Network Lead MAJCOM, produce assured line-of-sight (LOS)/beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) secure voice, data, and video connectivity, especially on air refueling tankers, to “thicken” our aerial communications layer in support of global, net-centric operations.

  • Future Mobility Systems.  Prototype/optimize designs to take advantage of new advances in airframes, common avionics, open architecture systems, autonomy, and advanced propulsion systems to ensure improved survivability, efficiencies, and aviation energy management.

  • Improved Aerial Port/Expeditionary Operations.  Develop autonomous, force multiplying capabilities to increase fixed/expeditionary aerial port throughput in support of Combatant Commander Priorities.  Develop scalable/highly mobile Air Mobility systems to support expeditionary airbase openings, adaptive basing, and Agile Combat Employment (ACE).

  • Affordable Sustainment.  Integrate cost-effective Condition-Based Maintenance Plus, efficient logistics planning functionality, and

  • appropriate enterprise fleet management efforts to sustain current/future platforms, including real-time transmission of aircraft status through secure global communications.

  • Enhanced Aeromedical Evacuation and Enroute Care Systems.  Develop interoperable solutions that increase clinical capabilities, provide safe/efficient patient movement, optimize patient outcomes through use of in-flight physiological patient monitoring/bi-directional transfer of medical data to/from destination medical facilities via enhanced LOS/BLOS communications capabilities.

  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT).  Leverage/integrate AF enterprise-wide PNT family of systems, as adapted to MAF equirements, to operate effectively in CDO environments through all phases of flight.

  • Cyber Resiliency.  Leverage/integrate AF enterprise-wide cyber capabilities, as adapted to MAF requirements, to deter, detect, defend, and/or rapidly recover from cyber-attacks/intrusions against MAF platforms, networks and C2 systems for mission assurance, while maintaining operational flexibility in day-to-day operations.

  • Big Data.  Leverage/integrate AF enterprise-wide, as adapted to MAF requirements, command-wide data collection, sharing, integration, and analysis to provide cross functional data-driven solutions to operate more efficiently and effectively.                                          

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Note:  A/TA is an independent non-federal entity and AMC’s participation
should not be considered as an indorsement of A/TA or its industry partners.