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Double LED Bay Light

Double LED Bay Light is the most advanced high-bay light in the world.
Engineered and built to be the pinnacle in long-lasting efficiency, Double LED Bay Light’s thermodynamic design dissipates heat quickly and keeps light
shining bright, worry-free for years, thanks to a 10-year, full-fixture warranty.

With three mounting options (aircraft cable, pendant, and flush), rotatable modules providing various angles of light distribution (including full 180° rotation for 100 percent uplighting), and five interchangeable lens options to shape and direct light where it needs to go, Double LED Bay Light is simple to install, adjust, and optimize.

With a max temperature rating of 149 ℉ (65 ℃) and superior light output for over 150,000 hours (17 years of 24/7 operation), Double LED Bay Light can hang from the highest ceiling without flickering, breaking, or overheating.

For more information on the full line of Big Ass Fans’ LED products, visit or call 877-244-3267.

Double LED Bay Light Press Release

LED Bay Light

With more LEDs than any Big Ass Light and a module that directs light down where it’s needed, the LED Bay Light will literally transform the way you see your space; where productivity and visual appeal are concerned, it’s a game-changer. The LED Bay Light’s durable, yet sleek design keeps light bright and heat away, making it simple to install and rotate to the optimum angle, all while adding an engaging design element to any space.

  • Rated up to an industry-topping 187 lumens per watt
  • Maintains excellent light output for 150,000 hours (that’s 17 years of 24/7 operation)
  • Backed by an unprecedented full 10 year warranty (including the light driver)
  • Onboard surge protection handles industrial-sized voltage spikes (6kV-standard)
  • Optional occupancy sensor uses light only when you need it for more energy savings

Call 855-772-5154 to order.

Learn more about the LED Bay Light from Big Ass Fans.

LED Bay Light Technical Specifications



It started as the idea of a Big Ass employee — a former auto mechanic sick of crappy work lights. After two years of engineering and testing, Big Ass Light Bar was born. Built to be the most hardcore portable light ever made, Big Ass Light Bar features a waterproof IP67-rated design, shock-absorbing components and chemical-resistant materials. And with a 5,000 lumen maximum output, it’s the brightest battery-powered LED work light ever made.

Learn more about this product from Big Ass Fans.

Big Ass Fans® Pivot 2.0


Eliminate stagnant air in every corner of your workplace with Pivot 2.0, the Big Ass Fan for hard-to-reach spaces. Mount it to a ceiling, beam or column and aim it anywhere you need a breeze. Thanks to Pivot 2.0’s virtually infinite number of speeds and positions, you’ll get precisely the air movement you want, where you want it — whether it’s down an aisle or assembly line, around obstructions or in low-ceilinged spaces. And Pivot’s direct-drive motor means you can count on it to always operate quietly and efficiently.

Learn more about this product from Big Ass Fans.

Pivot 2.0 Press Release

The new Essex 500 Gallon LOX Trailer is a mobile liquid oxygen storage tank assembly. Designed for the transport and storage of LOX at airbases and military installations, the 500 Gallon LOX Trailer provides a logistics solution for flight line LOX requirements. Learn more about this product from Essex Industries.