Bangor International Airport

Bangor International Airport (BGR) comprises one of the most experienced, full-service ground handling organizations worldwide.  Dedicated to provide customers with prompt and professional service, BGR is renowned for the ability to turn an aircraft quickly and safely.

Strategically located as the first U.S. airport encountered entering U.S. airspace from Europe, Bangor provides 24/7 experienced dispatchers to coordinate an aircraft’s arrival, servicing and departure with base operations, 24-hour refueling, 24/7 Customs and Immigration services, and complete ground handling services, and maintenance with a FAA/EASA certified repair station.  BGR offers a strategic advantage for all-inclusive cargo handling that provides economic cargo tech-stops and operations.

BGR’s runway of 11,440 feet can accommodate any aircraft flying today including the AN-225 and an A380.  BGR has 12 million square feet of open ramp space.  BGR is an all-weather CAT III access airport with de-icing services, hydrant and truck fueling, and competitively priced services.