FlightSafety International

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FlightSafety International is a simulator-based training company whose contribution to aviation began with its founding in 1951.  The company’s special emphasis is on developing proficiency in the safe and effective operation of complex, potentially hazardous equipment.  This normally means training pilots and maintenance technicians for all types of aircraft. FlightSafety’s FAA-certified training revolves around the use of advanced simulators that replicate with certified accuracy the experience of flying.  FlightSafety’s simulators are designed and built by its Simulator Systems.  Company training encompasses all facets of aviation – commercial, corporate, private and military.  Military programs include operating and maintaining the new KC-46 and the C-17 Aircrew Training Systems (ATS) for the United States Air Force.  It also operates the Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) program for the T-1 and T-38 programs.  Since its founding, the company has always championed that: “The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crewmember.”

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