Fly Boys – Gear for Pilots (PIVOT Case)

PIVOT is a product division of Fly Boys – Gear for Pilots. Already known for our dedication and understanding of the military pilot needs and operations, PIVOT is considered the new standard not only in commercial EFB but military aviation as well. PIVOT’s patented technology features a variety of tablet cases with built-in connectivity to a truly universal mounting plate. Every PIVOT case has and will have the same connection, making PIVOT uniquely future proof. This feature is saving commercial and government users millions of dollars in unnecessary equipment and deployment costs.


Designed by a former military pilot, PIVOT addresses the specific needs unique to EFB in the cockpit. A wide variety of options exist for protecting and mounting devices – allowing for full interchangeability between users and aircraft, anywhere in the world.


The PIVOT system is currently in use at over 80 airlines around the world, helping them to reduce complexities, increase device and data utilization and portability to retain full readiness. These same concepts apply to military operations and as a result PIVOT is the fastest growing solution in the DoD for EFB. Contact PIVOT and find out more about our concept of #efbmadesimple – https://flyboys.com

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