Logo Merchandise

As an unpaid service to our members, the Secretary has engaged the services of National Bank Products to provide Airlift/Tanker logo merchandise directly to you.

  • First, read all the instructions below:
  • Then, click this link to go to their site 
  • Choose your size range and style
    • Click on the words (not just the box) to give you a drop-down menu
  • See tiny “order” button at the bottom
  • When their site matures, perhaps they will have an embedded link to shirt colors, but in the meantime, come back to this tab and click this link to their color examples
  • Select which exact size, color, and which logo you want (which they don’t show you — you have a choice of two: the Association logo or the A/TA stylized Flag logo).

If you see something you like, order it. They have contact numbers on the National Bank Products site if you don’t see something you want. We do not track individual sales or get any kickback. If you have a problem, please contact them only as we have no control other than to remove the link from our website.