Enlisted Education Grants – AY 2014 – 2015

The Airlift/Tanker Association is pleased to announce that $400.00 Education Grants are available to all enlisted personnel. Education Grants are available to Air Force, Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve members pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees. The method of awarding education grants is at the discretion of […]

A/TA News November 2013

During its annual business meeting, the Airlift/Tanker Association elected two new officers to its board of officers.  General Art Lichte, USAF (retired), was elected as the Chairman and Colonel Mike Cassidy, USAF (retired), was elected as the Secretary.  They are replacing General Walt Kross and Colonel Dan Penny, […]

47th Annual Airlift/Tanker Association Convention

A/TA operations in 44 chapters at air mobility bases and operating locations worldwide provide local opportunities on a volunteer basis to promote Association activities and exercise leadership.  Chapters are encourage to share local news and events on the website here and on the Association’s social media sites on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. […]

2011 – General Thomas M. Ryan, USAF (Ret)

General Thomas M. Ryan, Jr. is, without question, one of the foremost Mobility leaders of his generation. He walked the walk as Commander of the Military Airlift Command, leading from the front with impeccable personal integrity, superior selfless service and a tireless commitment to excellence. General Ryan was […]

2003 – Mr. John F. Shea

Mr. John F. Shea was born in Chicago, Illinois, on 1 July 1919. He was graduated from the University of Illinois in 1943 with a bachelor of science degree in management and accounting. He became a member of the University’s Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Psi professional fraternity and […]