Substitutions and Cancellations

There can be no registration substitutions. Individuals may be canceled, and new individuals may register. Dues are neither transferable nor refundable to a person cancelling.

However, if you used an authorization code, you might be required to give that code back to your unit or to whomever you got it from. (AMC Guidance pending.)

Cancellation/change fees:

$30 through 16 Sep; $40 through 1700 EST, 19 Oct; $50 thereafter. (This includes changing charges from one card to another.) Membership is never refundable.

How to Cancel

You may cancel your entire registration online by going back to your registration summary and selecting, “Cancel Your Whole Registration”.  Changes to your registration or partial cancellations must be made personally and received by Gary or Sondra Hart by phone at 423-902-2297 or email to prior to the start of the convention.  You do not need to give a reason for your cancellation; however, no duty or family emergency releases you from your responsibility to cancel or from the cancellation fee. Personal cancellation is the only way to prevent being charged as a no-show.  Please remember to cancel your room with the hotel if you cancel your convention registration.


If you have a correction to your registration, contact Gary or Sondra Hart at 423-902-2297 or


If you would like to add an event or guest to your original registration, contact Gary or Sondra Hart at 423-902-2297 or


Refunds will be made after the appropriate cancellation fee has been charged.  Membership dues are never refundable.

Card refunds will be made automatically to your card.  Check payment will be refunded individually by check.  The appropriate cancellation fee will apply.