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Chairman’s New Year Message

A/TA Chairman Gen Arthur J. Lichte, USAF (Ret.)

A/TA Chairman
Gen Arthur J. Lichte, USAF (R)

2016 is off and running. It was great to see so many of you at the A/TA 2015 convention in Orlando. Your feedback regarding the convention has been very positive. Let me ask you to act on your individual good memories by urging you to find three new members for our Association. They will be glad you gave them a nudge and we will be happy to have new members.

We have new faces on our team this year. Chief Master Sergeant Mike Kerver, USAF (R) is our new President, Colonel Cary Walgamott, USAF (R) our new Vice President for Industry, and Major General John Becker, USAF (R) our new Chairman of the Board of Advisors. We welcome these outstanding leaders to our management team.

We have established three themes that dominate everything we do as an Association:

  • Support Mobility Airmen
  • Preserve the Mobility Culture
  • Strengthen our Bonds

In 2015, we focused on “preserving the Mobility Culture.” This year we will be emphasizing, “Strengthen our Bonds.” It takes a strong “bond” between people of all specialties to execute the world-wide air mobility mission.

The Association hopes that 2016 is the best year ever for you. Keep doing what you do every day to keep the mobility mission moving forward!