Chairman’s Message

ATA LogoThe mission of our A/TA is to:

Support Mobility Airmen – We will do all we can to advocate and promote the mobility mission of our Airmen and those of our Allies around the world. All of our convention seminars, educational activities, and award programs support this priority because they highlight the best of the best while at the same time, helping them as they continue to develop tactics, techniques and procedures to continuously improve the mobility mission.

Preserve the Mobility Culture – We will continue to pay tribute to those who have gone before us in the Mobility world. At the top of our recognition list would be all our Hall of Fame Inductees, our past Board Members, and those, like General “Bagger” Baginski, who have recently departed the formation permanently. I think it is important that our young Airmen hear the stories of what transpired in the past so they can learn from mistakes and then build on all the successes. It is important for them to see that there is real satisfaction that comes from performing the great air mobility mission and there is still time left over to have some fun. I want convention attendees to depart Nashville and future sites with their eyes wide open and impressed from meeting the folks who made the Mobility Mission as strong as it is today.

Enhance Relationships – Through A/TA we need to continually work at improving our relationship with Industry as well as with the Active, Guard, Reserve, and Civilian compo- nents. Our relationships are good now, but we need to work to make them even stronger. We all know that AMC can’t perform the mission without the Guard and Reserve and of course, our civilians give us much needed continuity and stability. Consequently, we need to ac- knowledge the importance of each of the team members and make enhancing relationships a priority. Our industry partners are a vital cog in accomplishing the mobility mission. They develop the new technologies and products necessary for ensuring future successes in the Mobility business while, at the same time, making huge contributions to the perpetuation of
the Airlift/Tanker Association.