Awardee Benefits

PLEASE NOTE: Obviously, there are many other AMC awards not specifically sponsored by A/TA. If the individual award you won is not on our list on this website, these benefit instructions do not apply! Some Wing awards confer free special memberships for a chosen lot. These do not confer individual-award status.

  • A/TA gives/adds a year’s special membership to all A/TA award winners.
    • All Awardees must individually register. Please do it online.  You will reserve your room at the same time.
    • Awardees travel at the government’s convenience and should seek unit TDY reimbursement as appropriate. A/TA does NOT pay for room or registration. The fee will be determined by when awardee registers (early, pre, or onsite)!
  • A/TA will automatically seat the Awardee and one registered guest at special tables up front.
    • Advise Col Jacob of the name of the intended guest.
    • Call Gary or Sondra Hart at 423-902-2297 to register any additional social guests.