Chapters are the Association’s life-blood. They are of particular importance to local organization’s leadership in that they provide an avenue to enhance the mobility mission outside normal operational channels. Similarly, Chapters provide a forum from which members can “lead from below,” often greatly affecting the course of mobility operations.


  • All chapter members — officers too — must first be a member of the national organization.
  • Log in to join, renew or update individual memberships
  • Chapter presidents, at any time, may request a list of members within a 40-mile radius
  • A/TA and by extension, A/TA Chapters are non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations.  Chapters interested in learning more about tax exempt status, donations and fundraising, and sponsoring events, please see this information from our treasurer.  Click here to get a copy of our W-9.
  • Download an informational brochure here. (Contact Sondra Hart 423-902-2297 or if you’d like to receive a stack of glossy brochures.)
  • View other Chapter documents and files (Email us any documents you’d like stored on this page)
  • Download the Chapter Handbook

A/TA chapters and their presidents are listed below along with links to their websites, if available.  Click on the chapter president’s name to send an email.

Chapters desiring to share their website should forward the url to Please send pertinent chapter documents you have for reference and inclusion on the Chapter Documents page.