Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection Guidelines


2020 Nomination and Selections Guidelines from the A/TA President

General Overview

Award Purpose

Responsibility and Authority

Program Timeline
Nomination Procedures
Selection Process



The Airlift/Tanker Association (A/TA) established the Hall of Fame (HOF) award in October 1988 to recognize individuals or mission groups that have distinguished themselves in the performance of duties well above expectations.  Selection as the HOF award winner is the highest honor the Association can bestow.  Recognizing the achievements of the highly accomplished men and women who defend our great nation is A/TA’s highest priority and one of the foremost reason’s the organization exists.  Air Mobility Command’s unique global and enduring mission would simply not happen without the unselfish sacrifice and untiring dedication of these Airmen. 


Upon recipient selection, the A/TA commissions and procures a bronze bust of the inductee or medallion of the inductee(s) for installation in the Air Mobility Heritage Park located at Scott Air Force Base, IL (also known as the Walk of Fame).  The bust/medallion forever preserves the

recipient’s legacy and historic contribution(s) to Air Mobility mission.



To recognize an individual and/or group demonstrating sustained superior performance that significantly contributes to the advancement of Air




The A/TA is the sole sponsor and administrator of the HOF award, and these guidelines form the framework for the nomination and selection process. The A/TA President serves as the responsible Board of Officer representative for the HOF Program.  The A/TA Heritage Chair serves as the pre-board convening authority and executes the administrative duties as outlined in the program timeline.  Adherence to these guidelines enhances program effectiveness, accountability, and credibility while maintaining A/TA’s high award standards. These guidelines will be reviewed annually by the A/TA President and Heritage Chair to ensure relevancy, and are subject to change and/or modification so they may continue serving the best interest of the Association and the overall intent of the award.



NLT 15 January:

  • A/TA President drafts and submits Hall of Fame (HOF) announcement/submission message
  • Association Administrator notifies Chapter Presidents of the nomination process and submission deadlines
  • Association Administrator posts HOF call for submissions to the Association’s website, Face Book page, and all other appropriate venues

15 January – 6 April

  • Nomination submission period
  • All nominations should be emailed to the A/TA Administrator at ata@atalink.org  

1-15 April

  • A/TA Heritage Chair selects, convenes, and chairs a HOF pre-screening board.  Pre-screening board membership will be coordinated with the A/TA President
  • Pre-screening board reviews and validates the nomination packages to ensure they meet current guidelines and eligibility requirements
  • A/TA Heritage Chair forwards top two packages to the A/TA President

15-30 April

  • A/TA President convenes the HOF selection panel comprised of elected A/TA Board of Officers
  • A simple majority of voting members is required for HOF selection
  • A/TA Chairman announces final selection
  • A/TA President officially notifies selectee and/or Mission Group representatives of the selection
  • A/TA Chairman and/or President notifies AMC Commander

1-15 May

  • A/TA President:
    • Develops public and membership announcement messaging
    • Coordinates with Public Affairs Administrator for publication to all applicable communication venues
    • Initiates HOF selectee(s)/representative communication concerning the award, applicable travel, presentation details, etc. and begins coordination actions
  • A/TA Heritage Chair:
    • Notifies the Association sculptor, and provides photographs as well as other biographical information to aid in creating a bronze bust or medallion
    • Develops bust plaque wording in conjunction with the A/TQ editor and Communication Chair
    • Notifies the A/TA video production manager and A/TQ Editor to prepare convention video, exhibit, and the convention edition of the A/TQ magazine
    • Coordinates the production and procurement of the HOF plaque


  • A/TA President:
    • Continues all applicable coordination with HOF recipient(s) and/or Mission Group representatives on convention travel and registration, lodging, and other presentation related details
    • Coordinates with Heritage Chair on any necessary HOF recipient/Mission Group representative assistance concerning convention site logistics
  • A/TA Heritage Chair:
    • Continues work with sculptor and recipient in creating a bronze bust
    • Begins coordination with A/TA Program Vice President and banquet emcee on HOF banquet details and script development
    • Make initial notification to 375 CES and confirm pedestal requirement/location.
    • Advise AMC Protocol of next HOF event and coordinate with AMC/CC calendar


  • A/TA President:
    • Completes all recipient travel and other logistical actions
  • Heritage Chair:
    • Ensures shipment/receipt of bronze bust to convention site
    • Coordinates HOF wall of fame set-up and current recipient’s bronze bust displayed on the exhibit floor
    • Ensures the bust gets from exhibit floor to banquet room stage for presentation/unveiling
    • Ensures the bust is shipped back to St Louis (Paramount Convention Services) at convention conclusion
    • Coordinates with 375 CES for mounting the bust and plaque in the Mobility Memorial Park
    • If applicable, organizes the HOF bust induction ceremony in coordination with the Huyser Chapter (ceremony host) and AMC Protocol.  The ceremony is held at the Air Mobility Heritage Park and involves the permanent mounting of the prior year’s HOF recipient bronze bust



Retired and separated military members from any branch of the United States Armed Forces are eligible for award consideration.  Civilians and members of foreign military services are also eligible.  For example, British aviator and aerial refueling pioneer Sir Alan Cobham’s significant and historic contributions to the advancement of Air Mobility and Refueling led to his selection as the 2016 HOF award recipient.  Award selection can also be posthumous.  Individual nominees considered for HOF recognition must meet two basic eligibility requirements:


  • Retired or separated military nominees are eligible for consideration after a period of five years from their official retirement/separation date and award submission
  • Nominees cannot be on active duty or serving in any capacity within the Federal government at the time of nomination

NOTE:  In the case of a Mission Group submission, we ask that the package not name or reference any specific individual(s) within the nomination


Award Categories and Criteria


Nomination submissions must be based one of the following three categories:


  • Individual – Nomination must clearly and succinctly highlight how the achievement(s) contributed to the advancement of Air Mobility.
  • Heroism – Nomination must clearly describe how the act of valor, bravery, or courage warrants HOF consideration. Individuals nominated in this category have typically been presented a military award or decoration for their actions
  • Mission Group – Nomination must clearly and succinctly highlight how the contributions and achievement(s) of a specific career field or stand-alone activity advanced Air Mobility. This category is designed to recognize the joint contributions of those who comprise a specific career field or stand-alone activity.  An example of a Mission Group award is the 2019 Air Transportation Career Field and it’s 12,000 plus total force members.
    • NOTE: We ask that Mission Group nominations refrain from naming or referencing specific individuals and focus on the overall impact the career field or stand-alone activity had on the advancement of Air Mobility.  Naming specific individuals creates confusion and the impression those individuals are HOF recipients vice representatives of the members comprising a career field or stand-alone activity.  If a Mission Group is selected as a HOF recipient, A/TA will ask the nomination submitter to recommend two individuals to serve as representatives of the group during all A/TA designated Hall of Fame activities and official functions.  Those representatives are not considered HOF inductees

Submission Guidelines

Any A/TA member or group in good standing (to include Industry Partners) can submit a HOF nomination package. Because of their role in selecting the HOF award recipient, A/TA Board of Officers are not eligible to submit nomination packages.


To ensure consistency, quality, and fairness, all nomination packages must follow the prescribed format and page count instructions detailed within these guidelines.  Page counts above the maximum will not be reviewed during scoring.  In addition to the nominee’s accomplishments, the board also considers the overall submission format and readability.   


Send all nomination packages directly to A/TA Administration at ata@atalink.org. E-mail is the preferred method of delivery and all packages should arrive by midnight of the established due date.  Late submissions will not be accepted unless the extenuating circumstance is pre-coordinated with the A/TA President.  We understand there will be circumstances where the United States Postal Service is the only way to submit a package.  In those cases, use the following address and request a delivery receipt:


The Airlift Tanker Association

c/o Hall of Fame Program

7983 Rhodes Farm Way

Chattanooga, TN  37421


Each nomination package will consist of an original and one copy, arranged in the following order:

  • Cover Letter signed by the nominating chapter, industry partner, board member, or A/TA member (maximum of one-page)
  • Biography highlighting the individual’s or mission group member’s career (maximum of two pages)
  • Narrative describing the specific achievements justifying the award.  A narrative is required for all nomination categories. The narrative is limited to a maximum of five pages to include support material.


Applicable support material includes anything enhancing the nomination package (newspaper or magazine articles, award citations, photographs, etc.).  All support material should be legible, clear, and must add value to the nomination!


Complete all award documentation on either 8.5×11, plain white bond paper or appropriate chapter/company letterhead.  Nominations must be written using 12-pitch Times Roman font and include 1” margins.




The A/TA Heritage Chair is responsible for the overall administration and execution of the HOF award program, and in liaison with the A/TA President facilitates both the pre-screening board review and selection process.  HOF package submissions meeting all established eligibility requirements will be reviewed and scored using the scoring/rating criteria within these guidelines.  If a package does not meet eligibility requirements, the submitter will be notified and the nomination package returned with an explanation to the reasons.  All submitted packages will only be considered for the current award cycle.  Nomination packages not selected and/or not meeting eligibility requirements may be re-submitted for a future award cycle.  Under no circumstance will a package be held for a future year consideration.  The intent of the selection process will be to consider current nominations.  This will ensure relevancy and put all submitted packages on the same field.


Under normal conditions, one recipient is selected for HOF induction each calendar year. If special circumstances or conditions exist within any given award cycle, the A/TA Board of Officers may approve more than one award for induction into the Hall of Fame during that same period. In the event that no nominations meet the criteria for induction into the HOF, no award will be made.


Scoring/Rating Process

HOF board score sheets use a 1-10 point rating scale for each scored category.  The maximum score any nominee can receive is 30 points.  The A/TA Heritage Chair serves as the board secretary and accomplishes all associated board administrative duties. 


  • The nominee with the highest overall point score is selected for the award unless a mitigating factor discovered during board discussions becomes apparent
  • Any difference of more than 10 points between the lowest and highest total score submitted by a board member on any nominee must be openly discussed between all board members and an effort made to resolve the disparity
  • In the case of split scores (excessive high or low), where involved board members are unable to justify and/or unwilling to change their score sheets, those scores will not be included in the final aggregate. Instead, an average of the total scores submitted by the remaining board members will be assigned to those members, and will replace the disputed split scores and included in the final tally 

Category Scoring Considerations

All submitted HOF nominations must fall within one of three categories and the package should clearly highlight demonstrated superior or sustained performance enhancing the legacy of Air Mobility:


  • Individual
  • Act of Heroism
  • Mission Group

Board members will consider the following criteria when scoring packages, and all submitted packages should include the following headings: 


  • Individual:
  • Leadership and Job Performance
  • Significant Contributions to the Advancement of Air Mobility
  • Significant Impacts to the Air Mobility Mission, Culture, and History
  • Other Noteworthy Accomplishment(s) and/or Extraordinary Impact(s) to Air Mobility


  • Act of Heroism:
  • Act of Heroism Identification/Details
  • Significant Impact to the Air Mobility Mission
  • Level and/or Type of Previous Decoration(s)/Recognition
  • Other Noteworthy Accomplishment(s) and/or Extraordinary Impact(s) to Air Mobility


  • Mission Group:
  • Significant Contributions to the Advancement of Air Mobility
  • Significant Changes to the Air Mobility Mission, Culture, and History
  • Other Noteworthy Accomplishment(s) and/or Extraordinary Impact(s) to Air Mobility


Pre-Screening Board

Upon receipt of current year award packages, the A/TA Heritage Chair convenes and chairs an initial (pre-screening) board to ensure all nominations meet current program guidelines and eligibility requirements.  This board is typically comprised of 3-5 A/TA members in good standing, (i.e., Association Board of Advisors, Historian, past A/TA Chairman and/or President, Chapter Officers, Members at Large) and is responsible for reviewing, scoring, and rank ordering the nominations.  The A/TA Heritage Chair will score the packages along with the other board members, but will only apply the score in the event of a tie.      


The overall board process is subject to any change necessary to meet the best interest of time, efficiency, and intent of the HOF award program.  Suspense dates for all reviews and meetings will be determined amongst board members in coordination with the A/TA Heritage Chair and established once the board convenes. When considering the many mitigating factors involved in convening the pre-screening board, both in-person and virtual meetings are acceptable.   


  • A/TA Heritage Chair (board chair) will:
    • Consolidate all current year submitted packages
    • Email nominations/score sheets to pre-screening board members NLT 1 week prior to the projected conference call or in-person meeting
    • Tabulate scored packages and rank order nominations
    • Convene board members to discuss any package within 10 points of the top score to resolve any questions, conflicts or issues to ensure the best candidates advance
    • Provide the top two nominations to the A/TA President for Board of Officer scoring and final recipient selection


Final Selection Board

Upon selection of the top two HOF nominees, the A/TA President convenes and facilitates the final HOF Selection Board. The HOF Selection Board is comprised of the A/TA elected Board of Officers.  The A/TA Chairman serves as the board chair and scores packages, but only uses that score to break ties.      


The final selection board process is the same as the pre-screening board process with the only exception being that the A/TA President does not score a package or factor into the final vote. The A/TA President’s role in the final selection board is limited to package distribution, board pre-brief, scoring, and facilitating discussion amongst the remaining Board of Officers.  The A/TA Chairman is the final approval authority for the HOF recipient selection.


Award Announcement

Once the HOF recipient is selected and final Board coordination complete, the A/TA President prepares an appropriate announcement in coordination with A/TA Public Affairs and A/TA Administration for website posting, email, and A/TQ magazine publication.  The HOF recipient or Mission Group representative(s) are formally recognized at the Association Convention, and the guest of honor at the HOF Banquet held the last night of the convention. 


Post Board Actions

Upon HOF award announcement, the A/TA President begins coordinating recipient convention attendance and travel, associated logistics, and serves as the overall liaison between the recipient and/or representatives and the Association.


General HOF Award Ceremony Expense Policy

A/TA will reimburse travel expenses for two individuals (typically defined as the recipient and their guest) to travel to the annual A/TA convention for the presentation of the HOF award and to participate in any official HOF activities.  In the case of a Mission Group, A/TA will reimburse two representatives (typically selected by the nominator).  Reimbursement is limited to a full convention registration, travel, and hotel expenses for each traveler.  Reimbursement details are contained in an A/TA Policy memo and will be provided to the HOF winners prior to travel.  Travel details will be further explained by the A/TA President.


At the conclusion of the convention, all travel, lodging, and meal receipts will be submitted to the A/TA President and coordinated through the A/TA Treasurer for reimbursement.

For further questions or policy interpretation, please contact the A/TA President at president@atalink.org.



  1. Cover Letter
  2. Biography
  3. Narrative Templates: