Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group International (ARSAG)

arsagThe Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group International, Inc. (ARSAG International, Inc.) was chartered in 2004 as an independent, non-profit technical professional organization dealing with aerial refueling issues on an international scale. ARSAG International provides a single inter-service and international agency that advises on aerial refueling system matters. It currently serves as a coordinating/advisory body for the resolution of existing deficiencies in tanker and receiver aerial refueling systems and for the development and implementation of improvements to these systems. These efforts include providing assistance in engineering, development, testing, support and operating systems that apply to aerial refueling. The by-product of ARSAG International’s ongoing efforts is an annual conference/symposium in which the US and international aerial refueling community refreshes and updates its activites during the past year.

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