Altus Military Affairs Committee

The Altus Military Affairs Committee (MAC) was established in 1952 by community leaders to forge a lasting relationship between the community and base. The MAC mission is to sustain Altus AFB as a viable military installation by promoting base growth through community support and protecting one of our nation’s most valuable assets. The Committee’s vision is “to have the best air force base and community relationship in the U.S. Air Force.” To accomplish their mission, committee members engage in a variety of activities including raising financial support, planning and attending community/base functions, building social and professional relationships with base personnel, engaging Senior Air Force leadership, interacting with elected officials and staff at local, state, and federal levels, and serving as a liaison to the community. For the past 55 years, MAC and community members have also organized and attended the annual Altus Quail Breakfast currently hosted by Senator James Inhofe.

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