Omega Air

Omega Logo 4x6Omega Air remains the only commercial supplier of aerial refueling services to the US Military and its allies.  With more than 16 years experience supporting the warfighter, Omega has earned an exceptional reputation by providing highly reliable and cost effective strategic aerial refueling around the globe.  Utilizing the aerial refueling expertise of highly qualified military veterans, Omega delivers seamless military support with commercial efficiencies delivering mission completion rates of 99%.

Omega uses highly reliable and thoroughly proven tanker platforms, the B-707 and the DC-10.  These workhorses have been modified by Omega to ensure the highest possible redundancy.  Omega is able to maximize efficiency by overseeing most of the key components that go into the final product.  These specialties include its own FAA 145 engine repair station, engineering support for modifications and R&D, maintenance scheduling, flight line maintenance, supply chain for spare parts and operational aircrews.