The Airlift/Tanker Association executes a number of programs to recognize the achievements of those within our community and to support the development of the next generation of recruits and leaders. We are proud to recognize the contributions of all these individuals via these programs.

Professional Award Programs.  A primary mechanism employed by A/TA to support mobility airmen is its professional recognition and award programs.  Over the course of its history, the following programs have been implemented to recognize the accomplishments of currently serving airmen, units and members of the A/TA community:

  • A/TA Young Leadership Awards. Presented annually to twelve individuals who displayed performance excellence, outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership in fulfillment of their duties.
  • Huyser Aircrew Awards. Presented annually to a wing/group level or below pilot, navigator, flight engineer, loadmaster, boom operator, flight attendant and airborne mission specialist for sustained excellence in airmanship.
  • General P.K. Carlton Award for Valor. Identifies and recognizes an outstanding airlift or tanker aircrew or aircrew member for valor. Presented annually since 1995 to an individual who demonstrates courage, strength, determination, bravery, and fearlessness during a combat, contingency or humanitarian mission.
  • A/TA Colonel Gail Halvorsen Award. Identifies and recognizes an outstanding Air Transportation (2T2XX) individual annually for sustained excellence in aerial port operations.
  • A/TA Specialized Mission Award. Identifies and recognizes an outstanding individual whose performance of duties in support of an aerial air mobility mission is exceptionally noteworthy during crises, contingencies or humanitarian airlift. This award is presented to career fields not covered by the Huyser Aircrew Award categories.
  • A/TA General Ronald R. Fogleman ASAM Award. Presented annually to recognize the top graduate of the Advanced Studies of Air Mobility (ASAM) program, an Air Force-sponsored program taught at the USAF Air Expeditionary Center. The award recognizes excellence across a broad range of criteria, including peer review, leadership, written and oral presentation of research, academic performance and physical fitness.
  • Key Spouse of the Year Award. Recognizes an Air Mobility Command key spouse who has diligently worked with unit leadership to plan, coordinate and execute the unit’s Key Spouse program. Selected by AMC leadership and presented at the A/TA annual convention.
  • The A/TA President’s Award. Identifies and recognizes an A/TA member-volunteer who has contributed immeasurably to the overall success of the Airlift/Tanker Association.
  • Air Force Reserve Component (AFRC) Awards. The Major General Stanley F. Newman Award recognizes an outstanding Air National Guard wing or group, while the Lieutenant General James E. Sherrard III Award recognizes an outstanding Air Force Reserve wing or group.
  • For more information on these award programs, visit our awards page.
  • Airlift/Tanker Hall of Fame. Established in 1989, this award identifies and recognizes an outstanding Airlift/Tanker individual or group whose sustained legacy of achievement distinguished themselves in the outstanding performance to the Air Mobility mission. The Airlift/Tanker Memorial site at Scott Air Force Base now includes busts and plaques of all Airlift/Tanker Hall of Fame inductees, with 23 individuals recognized and 2 groups representing the Aeromedical Evacuation Legacy Team (2007) and Air Refueling Pioneers (2009).  For more information, visit the Hall of Fame page.

Professional Development Programs. From educational support through grants and scholarships to the various convention and symposium activities, A/TA encourages the professional development of its members.  Chapters represent the leading edge of the Association across the globe, plus A/TQ magazine and our social media presence offer additional opportunities for education and professional development. Here is an overview of A/TA’s professional development programs and activities:

  • A/TA Enlisted Education Grant Program. Designed to help A/TA enlisted members achieve their educational goals, these $400 grants are available to Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve members pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.  For more information, please visit the Enlisted Education Grant page.
  • A/TA Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings ScholarshipsThe Airlift/Tanker Association Scholarships for AFROTC.  A/TA sponsors up to six annual AFROTC scholarships for members of the Arnold Air Society (AAS) and Silver Wings (SW).  The scholarship application process is administered the AAS/SW National HQs and selection is made by HQ AFROTC, Maxwell AFB AL.  There are presently two scholarships named in honor of Brig Gen Thomas R. Mikolajcik and Maj Gen James I. Baginski.  Evaluated on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, detachment commander endorsement, and the quality of an essay related to an air mobility topic.  Find guidelines here.
  • Annual Convention, Symposium and Technology Exposition. Attendees hear “State of the Force” presentations from key leaders and listen to war stories from the “old timers.” Multiple awards recognize individual and group accomplishments. Professional development of the force occurs from airman to 4-star general, with an extraordinary opportunity to meet, greet and share personally with people of all ranks and backgrounds. There is no other forum quite like it, nor a better place to connect, reconnect and celebrate the mission of air mobility.
  • A/TA Chapter Operations. Provide local opportunities on a volunteer basis to promote Association activities and exercise leadership in 44 chapters at air mobility bases and operating locations worldwide.
  • A/TQ Magazine. The quarterly journal of the Association provides the latest news on global air mobility operations, policy issues, and other current events, plus leadership interviews and announcements.
  • Social Media Engagement. The Association now maintains a social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This allows us to engage in an active and open online dialogue, within which we share information internally and generate additional content for member education and public dissemination.