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The Airlift/Tanker Association is a Section 501(c)(3)e tax-exempt organization. As an education-based nonprofit, we depend on our member’s generosity to sustain a variety of community outreach and professional development initiatives.  Our AFROTC scholarship and Enlisted Education Grant programs alone helped more than 700 young leaders achieve their educational goals.  Your donations also support a robust awards program recognizing Air Mobility’s exceptional performers as well as preserving our heritage through the Air Mobility Museum at Dover AFB.  We appreciate anything you can do to support us. Your donation will go to the general fund unless you designate it toward a specific program in the Message box below.

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We suggest a donation amount of $40.00 but we appreciate any donations made, no matter the value.


Have questions or need help? Contact A/TA Administrators at ata@atalink.org or (423) 902-2297